Final examinations - theses

Graduation sessions take place during the periods established in the Teaching calendar.

Application for assignment of final exam/thesis subject

The application must be completed and sent EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE, within the deadlines set out in the teaching calendar, in relation to the session you intend to attend. In the event of postponement of the degree session, the application does not have to be resubmitted and the assignment shall remain valid for subsequent degree sessions.  To complete the application click on the following link.

Thesis Calendar

Each graduating student may be accompanied by no more than 6 people for the discussion of the thesis and by no more than 5 for the proclamation of the result.

Final exam paper evaluation commissions (three-year degree courses)

For three-year degree courses, the Commission assess the final exam papers and award the final degree grade. Graduating students do not need to attend.
The academic qualification is deemed to have been awarded on the date on which the Commission carries out its assessment; thereafter, the University will proclaim the results on the dates set aside for that purpose.