SLD and disability counselling desk

As of March 2021, the Department of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Bergamo has activated the Individual Help Desk to support students with specific learning disorders and disabilities in their academic career.

Who is it for?
The Help Desk is aimed at students with certified specific learning disorders or disabilities enrolled in one of the degree courses (three-year, five-year and single-cycle) of the Department of Human and Social Sciences of the University of Bergamo.

What is it for?
The purpose of the Help Desk is to support the student:

  • in seeking and applying study methodologies and support tools that are appropriate and effective for specific subject content, which may present particular and intrinsic difficulties in relation to the learning styles of each individual or the study methods adopted;
  • in organising more appropriate study modes and timings, so better planning the student's university course  

How does it work?
The Help Desk, which will be provided remotely from March to June 2021, will be open, by appointment, every Tuesday from 2 to 4 p.m., and will be managed by lecturers Serenella Besio and Nicole Bianquin and collaborators Ms Mabel Giraldo and Fabio Sacch.

The student may decide to take advantage of this service over time and will have the possibility of receiving follow-up assistance from the same counsellor if they wish.

How do you access it?

  1. Registration for the service: fill in the Google form at
  2. Booking of individual session: choose date and time at the end of the procedure, the students who are regularly registered and have made a booking will receive a confirmation email with the necessary information to access the session.