International Opportunities

The Department of Human and Social Sciences chooses internationalisation as the best way of training the professional figures at the centre of its degree courses. It is in step with the contemporary world, with the transnational flows that cross our society and with the linguistic and cultural plurality of the social and educational contexts in which these professional figures work.

The Department uses all available means to promote the international mobility of students for study and traineeships abroad, both in European and non-European contexts, making it easier for students to obtain information about and access Erasmus+ grants and Erasmus+ Traineeship grants.

One of the internationalisation actions implemented by the Department is the promotion of specific courses for the acquisition of the minimum language skills necessary to be able to access study mobility abroad or, in any case, to be able to improve one's language skills within the specific context of one's course of study and career path.

In the same perspective of promoting specific competences in foreign languages, the Department promotes the internationalisation of its educational offer, with the teaching of part of its courses in foreign languages, thanks to the mobility of visiting professors specifically called from abroad because of their specific high-level teaching and research experience. The decision to increase the attendance of students at international lectures and seminars at local study centres is a step in the direction of increasing exposure to quality training courses capable of building professional figures in an international perspective; it should also be seen as a first step towards promoting a subsequent choice of mobility for study and internship that is based on greater awareness and confidence.

During the academic year, the Department regularly promotes information and awareness days to raise awareness of mobility actions abroad, also thanks to the involvement of male and female students who, returning from international mobility experiences, become ambassadors and privileged witnesses of these experiences and their added value.

Students can count on the constant support and accompaniment of the Department's internationalisation committee and internationalisation contact lecturers for each specific course of study, knowing also that the Department makes its lecturers' international research networks fully available to students and students to facilitate both study and internship and research experiences abroad.