Head of Department

The Head of the Department of Human and Social Sciences is Prof.  Marco Lazzari.

The Deputy Head is Prof. Maria Luisa Rusconi

Head of Department's term of office:  1 October 2021 - 30 September 2024

Departmental Council

Composition of the Departmental Council for the academic three-year period 2021-2024

prof. Marco Lazzari

prof.ssa Maria Luisa Rusconi

prof. Gianluca Bocchi

prof. Luigi Cepparrone

prof. Giovanni Zucchelli

Delegates of the Head of Department

Guidance and internship activities:  prof.ssa Cristiana Ottaviano

Ongoing orientation activities: prof. Attà Negri

Library Scientific Committee: prof. Roberto Arpaia, prof. Attà Negri

Communication: prof.ssa Sara Damiani

Disability: prof.ssa Nicole Bianquin

Internationalisation and international relations: prof.ssa Paola Gandolfi

Research: prof. Paolo Cazzaniga

Third Mission and Public Engagement: prof. Leonida Tedoldi